2 1/2 Years of ABQ Granite & More Sucks: A Retrospect

     It has been 2 1/2 years since Will Garcia took our deposit and then promptly told us to piss off, leaving us with no granite countertops and a burning desire to tell the entire state of New Mexico just what kind of person Will Garcia is and what kind of business he runs.

Every once in awhile we get an email from either Will or Janice asking us how long we are going to keep this website up, and bleating about the business that we are costing them. Will and Janice, I’ll give you the answer to your concerns at the end of this post.

Since we first put this site up there have been several changes for us: we retired and moved away from New Mexico (we now live in a small town in northern Colorado, and have CONCRETE countertops in our kitchen.) Our son graduated college and is starting a family of his own. We bought a boat…just normal life things.

Over the last couple of years we have had emails and comments from lots of people in and around Albuquerque who have run into Will and Janice and been screwed by them in one way or another. These people have been invaluable in keeping track of Will’s antics, especially since we aren’t in-state anymore to do it ourselves.

Looking back at the various posts, there are several that are our favorites. This picture was from one of our earlier posts when we realized that Will and Janice had let their domain name expire:

Will Garcia ABQ Granite


We got so many comments on it that we made one for Janice, too:

Janice Garcia ABQ Granite

I also liked the Favicon for the site…it summed up how I felt about Will’s shenanigans quite well:


The picture of Will and Janice’s first crappy, failed business location (the rest of the pictures are here):

And their most recent crappy, failed business location:

ABQ Granite & More New Building

And who could forget Mr. Roger’s take on the whole thing:

ABQ Granite and More

We went from 193 visitors per month in 2014 to over 2200 visitors per month in January of this year:

Will Garcia Granite Sucks

We believe this website has been helpful in steering people away from Will and Janice Garcia and helping them save their time, money, and aggravation. Even though we aren’t living there anymore, we feel that Will Garcia’s potential victims in New Mexico still need to be warned to not buy granite, marble, or anything else from him.

So, to answer Will and Janice’s questions:

  1. How long are we going to keep this website up? The answer: as long as I can still type on a computer keyboard, or until you two stop screwing people over. I don’t expect you two to ever stop your bad business methods, so I’m going to be typing for a long, long time.
  2. This website is costing you business? The answer: Good. The whole point of this website is to warn people about your business tactics and total lack of morals or ethics. If even one person has been saved their money then we are glad, and we will continue to post the stories of the customers you have screwed over.

For 2 1/2 years we have said it, and we’ll say it again: Will Garcia and Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon: You Suck. To everybody else, thanks for your ongoing support, and have a nice day.




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