ABQGraniteAndMore.com Now Redirects Here

ABQ Granite & More/Will Garcia Domain Names

     In order to spread the word to even more people in Albuquerque that ABQ Granite and More Sucks, we have added the www.ABQGraniteAndMore.com website to our little family. Now, any potential customers of this crappy business that are looking to purchase granite and end up at www.abqgraniteandmore.com will be brought here to the main website (www.abqgranite.com.)

     We hope that this will help our message get around even faster, and will help anybody who is looking to buy granite decide that they should buy their granite, marble, or other stone from anybody OTHER than ABQ Granite & More.

     Why? That’s right…because ABQ Granite & More Sucks.… Read More

A New BBB Complaint Has Been Filed Against ABQ Granite & More


     Looks like Will Garcia is still up to his old tricks: on 8/29/2014 another one of ABQ Granite & More’s customers filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau alleging that Will Garcia took a $900 deposit and never did any work. Sound familiar? If you want to check out the complaint details, here’s the link to the BBB site:


The complaint was:

Complaint: $900 paid to owner upfront to purchase granite slab, it has not been purchased and suspect it will NEVER be purchased. The entire operation is fraudulent: I don’t believe they have any intention to perform the slightest bit of actual work!

Desired Settlement: Refund in full. No work has been performed and no materials have been purchased.”

And Will Garcia’s response:

Business Response: Business owner states the consumer received a refund of $600 within 5 working days of receipt of his deposit and request for refund.… Read More

Our Site is Now #4 on Google Searches!

ABQ Granite & More Sucks

     Thanks to all of our recent visitors, our ABQ Granite and More Sucks website has increased to #4 on Google searches! Just search for ABQ Granite & More to see for yourself:


Just 3 more spots to go, and we’ll be number 1! Thanks to everybody visiting the site, and please keep buying your granite and stone at someplace that doesn’t suck.… Read More

193 New Visitors to Our Site in August 2014!

     193 More People Know ABQ Granite & More Sucks!

     In August of 2014, www.abqgranite.com had 193 new visitors! That’s a 67% increase in visitors from last month, and 193 more people who know about the terrible service that ABQ Granite & More provides. Our goal is to make sure that EVERYBODY in Albuquerque buys their granite from, well, anybody other than Will and Janice Garcia.

Thanks to all the new visitors, and we hope our site helped you decide who not to buy granite from.

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