How You Can File a BBB Complaint Against ABQ Granite & More

How to File a complaint against ABQ Granite & More

     We received a comment on one of our pages over the weekend asking how somebody could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against ABQ Granite & More. In case other people had the same question, we decided to answer in a post.

The process is pretty simple, and is done online at the Better Business Bureau’s website:

If you click the above link, it will take you to the BBB website and explain the process in detail. The short version is you fill out an online form with a description of your complaint, and the Better Business Bureau will submit the complaint to ABQ Granite & More for a response. ABQ Granite & More will be given a chance to respond to your complaint, and you can either accept or reject the response, depending on if the response satisfies your complaint or not.… Read More Sucks Now #1 in Google Searches!

ABQ Granite & More Sucks is Now #1!

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the popularity of our site, ABQ Granite and More Sucks now comes up at #1 when searching for “ABQ Granite” on Google! Now anybody who is considering using ABQ Granite and More for granite, marble or other stone will see our site first, and will get the true story of how Will Garcia and Janice Garcia will waste their time and money.

Thanks to everybody who has visited our site, and please continue to pass the word that ABQ Granite & More Sucks! More

203 New Visitors to Our Site in September, 2014


New Visistors to

In September, 2014 had 203 new visitors! This was another increase in visitors from last month, so more and more people are getting the news that ABQ Granite & More Sucks.

As always, we appreciate our new visitors, and we hope that this site convinces them to stay as far away from ABQ Granite & More as they can. There are lots of choices for buying granite and other stone in Albuquerque, so save your time and money and buy your granite from anybody OTHER than ABQ Granite & More. Please tell your friends, coworkers, and anybody else you know that is looking for granite countertops that ABQ Granite & More sucks.

On a general note, we would like to thank ABQ Granite & More for being such a terrible business.… Read More