How to File a Consumer Complaint with the NM Attorney General

File Complaint with Attorney General Against ABQ Granite & More

     On Monday we received an email from another person here in Albuquerque who has lost money to ABQ Granite & More asking if anybody else stung by Will Garcia and his seemingly infinite supply of lies has filed a consumer complaint with the New Mexico State Attorney General.

We don’t know who else has filed a complaint against Will Garcia and Janice Garcia, but it sounded like a great idea to us. The Attorney General and its Consumer Protection Division (from their website):

• Tracks complaints against businesses operating in New Mexico.
• Offers dispute resolution services to dissatisfied consumers.
• Educates the public about consumer issues and unlawful trade practices.
• Investigates suspicious business activities.
• Proposes legislation and promulgates rules that clarify trade and business practices.… Read More

“That picture isn’t very funny!”

ABQ Granite & More

     We got a comment a couple of days ago from somebody who told us, “That picture isn’t very funny!” in response to the picture above in our post found at:

     The commenter didn’t leave his (or her) name, but I bet I know who it was!  🙂

     Well, since the commenter felt the original picture wasn’t funny, here are a few more (click on each one for a full-sized image.) Hopefully you find these funnier…we certainly did.

A few more for Will:

               William Garcia ABQ Granite               Will Garcia ABQ Granite                    Will Garcia ABQ Granite

And here’s one for Janice (Garcia? Ruiz? Aragon? What name are you going by these days, Janice?):

Janice Garcia ABQ Granite

And, as usual, ABQ Granite & More Sucks. Have a nice day, Will and Janice.… Read More

October, 2014: Another Banner Month for ABQ Granite & More Sucks!

ABQ Granite & More Still Sucks

     Well, it’s been another busy month: in October 2014, our ABQ Granite and More Sucks website had 233 new visitors…another increase over last month! So far, the website has seen an increase in visitors each month since it was setup, and we appreciate our new guests. As always, we hope that our site has been informative, and has helped you make a choice when looking to purchase granite, marble, or other stone here in Albuquerque, NM. Albuquerque Granite & More and its owners (William Garcia and wife Janice Garcia) continue to suck, and as long as they suck we’ll be here to tell you about it.

     Thanks, and don’t buy from ABQ Granite & More. You know why…… Read More