A new favicon for our website!


     I had some extra time at work today, so I decided to create a little pre-Christmas gift for our ABQ Granite & More Sucks website: a new favicon. Now, whenever somebody visits the www.abqgranite.com website they will see a tiny little middle finger on the website page tab (you should be able to see it now.)

     To anybody looking for granite countertops in New Mexico, please believe all of the bad reviews about Will Garcia and his company: you’ll regret giving any money, business, or time to ABQ Granite and More.

     Oh, and if anybody is interested in generating their own favicon for a website, there are pretty good instructions at this site: http://favicon-generator.org/about/ (this was were I learned how to make a favicon…it’s amazing what can be found on the Internet, isn’t it?)

     Have a nice holiday.… Read More

November 2014: 318 New Visitors to ABQ Granite & More Sucks!

318 New Visitors

     Well, it’s been yet another busy month: ABQ Granite & More Sucks had 318 new visitors in November, 2014, which is almost 100 more new people seeing the site than the month before!

When we think about the 318 new visitors that saw our site and hopefully decided to buy their granite from anybody other than ABQ Granite & More, it lets us know that we are doing a good job informing the public about this crappy company. It also means that there are 318 more people who avoided potentially losing money to Will Garcia and his wife Janice Garcia. We hope that those of you who came to this site decided to order your granite from a good company that didn’t waste your time and money, and are now enjoying your new countertops.… Read More