Increased Number of Hacking Attempts on Our Website

Hacking WordPress

     Over the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of people trying to hack into our website files. While a number of the attempts have come from other countries (China and Russia, mostly), many of the hacking attempts have come from computers here in New Mexico. The latest notification we received was last night:

9 failed login attempts (3 lockout(s)) from IP: 71.33.32.x

Last user attempted: abqgranite

IP was blocked for 24 hours

While we would never accuse anybody specific of trying to gain access to our site files, we could make an educated guess or two…not that it matters. One hint, though, if whoever it is here in New Mexico wants to keep trying: the administrator username is NOT “abqgranite”…

Good luck to whoever you are…I’m sure you don’t have anything better to do with your time.… Read More

Happy New Year, 941 New Visitors in December, 2014!

941 New Visitors to ABQ Granite Sucks

          Happy New Year! After a brief vacation, we are back and ready to keep the Albuquerque public informed about how much ABQ Granite & More sucks. A nice surprise this month was the number of new visitors to the site: in December 2014 there were 941 new visitors! That’s almost triple the number of people who saw the site the month before, and it makes a total of 2010 people who have looked at our site since July. Below is a breakdown of new visitors by day:

ABQ Granite & More Sucks

     The site averaged 48 visits per day, with the highest number of people visiting on December 27th: 116 people. I would guess that jump in visits was all the people off work after the holidays and doing some research on where to buy their granite countertops in the new year.… Read More