Adios, Will and Janice! ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business!

ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business

     Well, it looks like ABQ Granite & More is out of business! We got a comment this morning from Anita M. who told us that she drove by ABQ Granite & More’s “office” over the weekend and they are gone and history. There are still a few pieces of equipment at the Juan Tabo location, but the sign is painted over and everything else has been removed. She sent us some quick snapshots (click on each picture for a larger image):

ABQ Granite & More Out of Business  ABQ Granite and More Out of Business  Will Garcia Out of Business  Janice Garcia Out of Business


Sadly, the place doesn’t look much worse now than it did when ABQ Granite & More actually occupied the place…

We at ABQ Granite & More Sucks don’t like to see anybody fail, and we would like to say that we are sad to see Will Garcia and his wife Janice Garcia go…but honestly, we aren’t.… Read More

Welcome to the New Year, and to our 1200 New Visitors in January!

ABQ Granite & More Sucks More Than Ever

     I’m sorry for posting this a few days late (it’s been a busy year already), but ABQ Granite & More Sucks had 1203 new visitors in January of 2015. This was a new high for the site, and we are hoping that the number of new visitors keeps increasing. We are trying to keep Albuquerque granite buyers informed about the total crap service that ABQ Granite and More provides, and based on the number of visitors to the site the message seems to be getting around.

     Last month somebody posted a comment asking why we post the number of new visitors each month. The answer is that we like to let Will and Janice Garcia (aka Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon) know how the site is doing, and that each month more and more people are learning that ABQ Granite & More Sucks.… Read More