Another Better Business Bureau Complaint Against Will Garcia, 3-11-2016

Looks like Will Garcia of ABQ Granite & More is still screwing over his unfortunate customers: on 3-11-2016 a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau alleging that Will Garcia took $100 without doing any work:

Complaint: ABQ Granite and More is refusing to return the remainder of my deposit. He gave me $400 after I repeatedly asked for it. My original deposit was $500. Will Garcia (owner) said he is not returning the remainder because he sent an employee to my house to measure my vanity top. He never mention this before or during the time he was searching for the quartz, which he never delivered. I have a record of every contact with him.

Desired Settlement: Refunding the remaining $100 he took as a deposit.… Read More

Another Couple Screwed by Janice Aragon, February 2016

    We just got several comments by a couple here in Albuquerque who were just screwed by the scum currently known as Janice Aragon/Janice Garcia and Will Garcia. Apparently there is a new player in this group named Manny, possibly Janice’s husband of the week.

Janice had previously announced that her business was now called “Affordable Plan It Granite”, and is using the cell phone number 505-306-7659 or (505) 589-9500. Janice, undoubtedly able to con any banks into giving her a business checking account, now seems to be asking her customers to make checks out to Janice’s name and personal account.

They have NOW moved to a Copper st location. Janice’s cell number is: 306 – 7659. I have left 2 other replies now.

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