Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon Posting on Craigslist for Granite Services

Janice Aragon Craigslist Granite

Janice Aragon (otherwise known as Janice Garcia or Janice Ruiz) and her sidekick Manny Aragon apparently can’t afford a website, so they are now advertising granite, marble, and quartz services on Albuquerque Craigslist. This ad was posted in early July 2017, so they are still sleazing around someplace:


Janice is using the same phone numbers she has used for years to screw people over, including 505-306-7659 and 505-589-9500 (the last number is her Affordable Plan It Granite name that she is now using.) We do know that Janice and her ex-husband Will Garcia are still working together, and their business practices are as shady as ever. Janice’s Craigslist ad shows stock photos taken from the Internet:

     and her ad-writing skills haven’t improved:

    Her ex-husband Will’s website appears to be down right now, so maybe he and Janice’s crappy reputations are catching up to them.… Read More