Adios, Will and Janice! ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business!

ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business

     Well, it looks like ABQ Granite & More is out of business! We got a comment this morning from Anita M. who told us that she drove by ABQ Granite & More’s “office” over the weekend and they are gone and history. There are still a few pieces of equipment at the Juan Tabo location, but the sign is painted over and everything else has been removed. She sent us some quick snapshots (click on each picture for a larger image):

ABQ Granite & More Out of Business  ABQ Granite and More Out of Business  Will Garcia Out of Business  Janice Garcia Out of Business


Sadly, the place doesn’t look much worse now than it did when ABQ Granite & More actually occupied the place…

We at ABQ Granite & More Sucks don’t like to see anybody fail, and we would like to say that we are sad to see Will Garcia and his wife Janice Garcia go…but honestly, we aren’t.

Will and Janice Garcia were a blight on Albuquerque, and we are glad that they finally admitted their failure as businesspeople. Hopefully they are gone for good, and will never again be able to screw people out of their money and time.

Just in case Will and Janice try to pull something sneaky, though, such as just moving their business location or re-opening it under a different name, we will keep this website up indefinitely.

However, in the spirit of being helpful to Will and Janice, here is a link that you both will probably need in the near future. It’s the website for the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions…also known as the Unemployment Office:

And here is a link to the IRS “Closing a Business Checklist” page:

Make sure and fill out IRS Form 8026: Apologizing and Offering Refunds to All the Customers You Took Money From.

     To everybody who has visited and supported our site: thank you for all the emails, updates, and information you provided. You all were a great help in keeping tabs on this company.

     To Will and Janice: you got what you deserved. We hope that you enjoy the deposit you took from us without providing any actual service, and congratulations on running a business into the ground in a most spectacular manner. You both suck.

-The ABQ Granite & More Sucks Team


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  1. Sadly my husband and I were also taken advantage of by these people. My husband and I were at Presbyterian hospital for my husband to get a sonogram. We are 68 and 67 years old. I was waiting for my husband to finish his test, sitting in my power wheelchair crocheting when Janice approached me. She started conversation by telling me how her grandmother used to crochet. We had just re-plumbed our home due to a water leak and needed the kitchen done all over. She told me that she and her husband had a counter top business and that’s how it all started. That was back in January this year 2016. Janice and Will were very excited about this job. We met Janice at Arizona tile to pick out our slab. We saw Golden Crystal slabs on the floor and liked that color. There were 4 slabs on the floor. My husband, having back pain sat on a chair in the showroom and I joined him in my wheelchair. Janice and Mable went down the aisle and had a long talk. When they BOTH returned, Janice told me that we should buy a larger slab. Originally she told us our job would need 55 sq ft. Mable chided in now telling us that it is always better to have more than enough than to be short. We were encouraged now to have a look at a slab that was in the back room. Janice told us that Arizona Tile charges her $50.00 to bring it out or move a slab. We ignored that. Now we have a 62 sq ft slab in front of us. It is really pretty so we agreed to get that one. It is now months later and our kitchen is still not done. Once our slab got to wherever they cut it, and they finally came to make the templates, we were told that there wasn’t enough slab to complete the job. Janice sent me a text picture of our slab with the templates layed out on it. Her message was to call her ASAP. Our kitchen includes the counter on both sides of the sink, a stove top island and a kitchen desk. Janice had offered to do our back splash for free with all of the extra granite we would have. We have had fights on the phone with both Janice and Will. Janice told us that Will would be able to hook up our electric and plumbing once the counters were done for only $100.00. We gave Janice $1500.00 at the start of the job with the agreement the other half would come at completion. Our slab only cost $868.00, so Janice had a nice healthy balance to work with too. When it FINALLY came time to put the slab in, on a Saturday, I got a text message from Janice asking me for the entire balance of the job. My husband called her and told her that we were not going to give her another penny. She told me in a text that we were being unfair and that she needed to pay her fabricators for the job. My husband asked her what she did with the balance of the money from the down payment. She never answered. The men and our counter never showed up. My husband called Will and they worked out a deal that we would give Will a check for $400.00 so the fabricators would not get cheated out of pay for their work.. They showed up on Sunday and installed the counter and the stove top counter. I had asked Janice in the very beginning to make cutting boards for me out of the cuts from the sink and stove top. It was agreed on. Well, now I don’t trust her at all, so we asked Santos if he would make them for us and we would pay HIM directly. Haven’t seen him since. There have been 4 days scheduled now and they never show up and never communicate. We hired another company to find us a slab and complete our kitchen. We haven’t had water in our kitchen for over 6 months now. Janice became livid when we told her we got another contractor. She is now telling us that she is going to sue us and put a lien on our house for breach of contract. We also gave her a king sized Thomasville wall bed unit, 13 dozen of our farm fresh eggs, 3 hanging baskets of plants, all of the old Pecan cabinets from our kitchen as gifts. She gave us sob stories of having 9 kids, that when she and Will were married that he verbally and physically abused her, that she never had the opportunity to finish school, on and on. I felt sorry for her. Was I stupid!!! The entire job was supposed to be a little over $3,000.00. Will came to do the plumbing and made a real mess of it in only 4 hours here. We hired a professional to do the electric, and TLC to repair the damage Will did under our sink. He was SO exhausted after those 4 hours here that he left some of his tools her and a 2 wheel dolly. Still have them. We have tried to give them back to him. He was supposed to have Santos come up today to finish the slab and bring the cutting boards. We were going to give his tools to Santos to give back to him. Never showed up, never called. The seam on the left side of our sink does NOT match, there is blobs of the cement on the seams, shims behind the counter and the counter does not feel smooth. We also offered her our old inoperable Subaru car that has been in our garage for over a year. I told her it had new tires but the engine was blown. We told her she needed to pick it up within 2 weeks as we wanted to get the garage cleaned out. She never got it. NOW she is threatening to sue us for not letting her have the car!! WE will look up any contrators online from now on. I just our kitchen back. My husband has been washing dishes in the utility room and bathroom sinks. Plumbers is coming tomorrow!!
    Unbelievable. We are too old and sick for all of this. It has cost us so much more to get this all repaired and done now. I have been having email fights with Janice now. She is accusing us of all kinds of things. I wish I had seen these reviews before we hired her. I only found this because I was looking on the internet to see if Will or Janice are even licensed to do this work. SIGH. We don’t know what to do now. Maybe we should have a get together for all of the people who have been “screwed” by Will and Janice!

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