Another Better Business Bureau Complaint Against Will Garcia, 3-11-2016

Looks like Will Garcia of ABQ Granite & More is still screwing over his unfortunate customers: on 3-11-2016 a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau alleging that Will Garcia took $100 without doing any work:

Complaint: ABQ Granite and More is refusing to return the remainder of my deposit. He gave me $400 after I repeatedly asked for it. My original deposit was $500. Will Garcia (owner) said he is not returning the remainder because he sent an employee to my house to measure my vanity top. He never mention this before or during the time he was searching for the quartz, which he never delivered. I have a record of every contact with him.

Desired Settlement: Refunding the remaining $100 he took as a deposit.


Here’s a screenshot of the complaint filed against Will Garcia:

Better Business Bureau Complaint Against Will Garcia of ABQ Granite and More

Will Garcia didn’t bother responding to the complaint. After all, what else is there to say? Will took money, he didn’t do any work, and yet another customer is out their money. What is the current definition of thief?

Way to go, Will: you have managed to continue screwing over the citizens of Albuquerque with your underhanded business methods, deceitful ways, and general scumbag behavior. Your ex-wife Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon uses your same lies…you and she should have stayed together, as you sound perfect for each other: Scumbag and Wife.

Keep up the slimy work, Will.

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