Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon Posting on Craigslist for Granite Services

Janice Aragon Craigslist Granite

Janice Aragon (otherwise known as Janice Garcia or Janice Ruiz) and her sidekick Manny Aragon apparently can’t afford a website, so they are now advertising granite, marble, and quartz services on Albuquerque Craigslist. This ad was posted in early July 2017, so they are still sleazing around someplace:


Janice is using the same phone numbers she has used for years to screw people over, including 505-306-7659 and 505-589-9500 (the last number is her Affordable Plan It Granite name that she is now using.) We do know that Janice and her ex-husband Will Garcia are still working together, and their business practices are as shady as ever. Janice’s Craigslist ad shows stock photos taken from the Internet:

     and her ad-writing skills haven’t improved:

    Her ex-husband Will’s website appears to be down right now, so maybe he and Janice’s crappy reputations are catching up to them.… Read More

2 1/2 Years of ABQ Granite & More Sucks: A Retrospect

     It has been 2 1/2 years since Will Garcia took our deposit and then promptly told us to piss off, leaving us with no granite countertops and a burning desire to tell the entire state of New Mexico just what kind of person Will Garcia is and what kind of business he runs.

Every once in awhile we get an email from either Will or Janice asking us how long we are going to keep this website up, and bleating about the business that we are costing them. Will and Janice, I’ll give you the answer to your concerns at the end of this post.

Since we first put this site up there have been several changes for us: we retired and moved away from New Mexico (we now live in a small town in northern Colorado, and have CONCRETE countertops in our kitchen.) Our son graduated college and is starting a family of his own.… Read More

Will Garcia’s New Website, www.abqmarblegranite.com, Sucks

     We just got an email last night from Lucy M. in Corrales saying that Will Garcia recently called her and tried selling her his crappy services (apparently Lucy had posted an ad on Albuquerque Craigslist looking for granite installers for her kitchen countertops.) He gave her the same routine he’s been using for years (he said his company is A+ certified with the Better Business Bureau, which is a lie, and that he has many satisfied customers, which is also a lie) and told her he had just re-designed his website. He was calling from his (505) 207-0194 phone number, and after talking to him for a few minutes Lucy said she would talk to her husband and call Will back.… Read More

Will Garcia and Wife Janice Garcia Change Websites Again

Will Garcia Bad Granite Contractor

     In their latest attempt to continue screwing people over with crappy granite countertop installations, Will Garcia and Janice Garcia have changed their website and phone number yet again (this makes the third time this year.) An email from one of their latest victims, however, revealed their latest tricks. Their new website and phone number are:

Website: http://abqmarblegranite.com/

Phone number: (505) 207-0194

Email: garwill70@gmail.com

Will and Janice, you can keep trying to fool us and your customers, but your efforts are as bad as your customer service and granite work. Just give it up, admit you suck, and get a real job.

Have a Merry Christmas, and as always, ABQGranite and More Sucks.… Read More

Another Better Business Bureau Complaint Against Will Garcia, 3-11-2016

Looks like Will Garcia of ABQ Granite & More is still screwing over his unfortunate customers: on 3-11-2016 a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau alleging that Will Garcia took $100 without doing any work:

Complaint: ABQ Granite and More is refusing to return the remainder of my deposit. He gave me $400 after I repeatedly asked for it. My original deposit was $500. Will Garcia (owner) said he is not returning the remainder because he sent an employee to my house to measure my vanity top. He never mention this before or during the time he was searching for the quartz, which he never delivered. I have a record of every contact with him.

Desired Settlement: Refunding the remaining $100 he took as a deposit.… Read More

Another Couple Screwed by Janice Aragon, February 2016

    We just got several comments by a couple here in Albuquerque who were just screwed by the scum currently known as Janice Aragon/Janice Garcia and Will Garcia. Apparently there is a new player in this group named Manny, possibly Janice’s husband of the week.

Janice had previously announced that her business was now called “Affordable Plan It Granite”, and is using the cell phone number 505-306-7659 or (505) 589-9500. Janice, undoubtedly able to con any banks into giving her a business checking account, now seems to be asking her customers to make checks out to Janice’s name and personal account.

They have NOW moved to a Copper st location. Janice’s cell number is: 306 – 7659. I have left 2 other replies now.

Read More

Janice Garcia, aka Janice Aragon, Changes Name of Business to Affordable Plan It Granite

Janice Garcia/Janice Aragon recently added a post to her Facebook page: apparently she has changed the name of her granite business from ABQ Granite & More to “Affordable Plan It Granite.” Here’s the screenshot:

ABQ Granite & More Janice Aragon

It’s interesting that it says “Under New Ownership”, but she claims that she has owned it since April 2010, which is the same time she was an owner of ABQ Granite & More with Will Garcia…did she possibly change the name of the business to avoid the bad reputation of her last failed granite business? Will and Janice moved the location of their business to Wyoming several months ago, but that apparently didn’t work out so well.

The new address she has listed is:

Affordable Plan It Granite

111 Rio Bravo SW

Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: (505) 589-9500

Janice and Manny Aragon have also used the address:

Affordable Plan-It Granite

12613 Elyse Pl SE

Albuquerque, NM 87123

Phone: (505) 589-9500

We couldn’t find either a business license or a contractor’s license for her “new” business, which means that Janice still doesn’t have an installation license and therefore cannot legally install granite countertops (or anything else), but we’ll keep watching for any changes.… Read More

Will Garcia (Loser) Resurfaces on Wyoming!

Will Garcia Resurfaces

Will Garcia Resurfaces

Well, it appears that Will Garcia and Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon have resurfaced to plague Albuquerque yet again. We had hoped that these bottom-feeders were out of business for good, but two days ago we received a comment from somebody telling us that they had seen an “ABQ Granite and More” building on Wyoming.

We checked it out, and sure enough, Slick Willy is back. Here is his new website and contact information:

ABQ Granite & More

333 Wyoming Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: (505) 234-6361

Cellphone: (505) 712-2532

Website: www.abqgranitecompany.com

Email: garwill70@gmail.com

Also, here are a couple of pictures of Will’s new building from Google Maps (click on each picture for larger images):

ABQ Granite & More New Building                        ABQ Granite and More New Location

Will and Janice, let all of us here at ABQ Granite & More Sucks congratulate you: we didn’t think it was possible for you to find a place even crappier than your previous address on Juan Tabo, but you managed!… Read More

Adios, Will and Janice! ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business!

ABQ Granite & More is Out of Business

     Well, it looks like ABQ Granite & More is out of business! We got a comment this morning from Anita M. who told us that she drove by ABQ Granite & More’s “office” over the weekend and they are gone and history. There are still a few pieces of equipment at the Juan Tabo location, but the sign is painted over and everything else has been removed. She sent us some quick snapshots (click on each picture for a larger image):

ABQ Granite & More Out of Business  ABQ Granite and More Out of Business  Will Garcia Out of Business  Janice Garcia Out of Business


Sadly, the place doesn’t look much worse now than it did when ABQ Granite & More actually occupied the place…

We at ABQ Granite & More Sucks don’t like to see anybody fail, and we would like to say that we are sad to see Will Garcia and his wife Janice Garcia go…but honestly, we aren’t.… Read More

Welcome to the New Year, and to our 1200 New Visitors in January!

ABQ Granite & More Sucks More Than Ever

     I’m sorry for posting this a few days late (it’s been a busy year already), but ABQ Granite & More Sucks had 1203 new visitors in January of 2015. This was a new high for the site, and we are hoping that the number of new visitors keeps increasing. We are trying to keep Albuquerque granite buyers informed about the total crap service that ABQ Granite and More provides, and based on the number of visitors to the site the message seems to be getting around.

     Last month somebody posted a comment asking why we post the number of new visitors each month. The answer is that we like to let Will and Janice Garcia (aka Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon) know how the site is doing, and that each month more and more people are learning that ABQ Granite & More Sucks.… Read More