Janice Garcia, aka Janice Aragon, Changes Name of Business to Affordable Plan It Granite

Janice Garcia/Janice Aragon recently added a post to her Facebook page: apparently she has changed the name of her granite business from ABQ Granite & More to “Affordable Plan It Granite.” Here’s the screenshot:

ABQ Granite & More Janice Aragon

It’s interesting that it says “Under New Ownership”, but she claims that she has owned it since April 2010, which is the same time she was an owner of ABQ Granite & More with Will Garcia…did she possibly change the name of the business to avoid the bad reputation of her last failed granite business? Will and Janice moved the location of their business to Wyoming several months ago, but that apparently didn’t work out so well.

The new address she has listed is:

Affordable Plan It Granite

111 Rio Bravo SW

Albuquerque, NM 87121

Phone: (505) 589-9500

Janice and Manny Aragon have also used the address:

Affordable Plan-It Granite

12613 Elyse Pl SE

Albuquerque, NM 87123

Phone: (505) 589-9500

We couldn’t find either a business license or a contractor’s license for her “new” business, which means that Janice still doesn’t have an installation license and therefore cannot legally install granite countertops (or anything else), but we’ll keep watching for any changes.

And as always, ABQ Granite & More (or whichever name Will, Janice and Manny are currently trying to use) still sucks.

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  1. OMG!!! They were at our house on Feb 14th. Said they would help us remove the old back splash. Originally told us her brothers would do it for free and that she would throw it in. When it came time to remover the old tiles, she told me that they didn’t have any money to pay her brothers to do the job, but that she and Manny could do it. She and Manny showed up on Valentines Day with their 2 young sons. They came with one small sledge hammer and a screwdriver!! They let their kids, ages about 6 & 7 try to remove the sheetrock. What a mess! Huge holes all the way through to the other side of the wall. We gave them another hammer, 2 putty knives and they broke those. We asked that their kids not help twice. We were worried about liability if one of their kids got hurt. None of them were wearing goggles to protect their eyes. They left without removing most of the old tiles. Then she later called me and said that she and Manny had looked online and thought that THEY could do the sheetrock repairs! OMG! After the work they left us with in the kitchen, we hired another guy who was recommended to us. He did a great job. I have a lot more in the reviews. I just thought it was getting too long there. She told us that she and Manny would be to our house after they went to church on Valentines Day. They came LATE afternoon! According to the date when they posted this, they were at home putting this on the internet. Janice wrote me in an email just yesterday that she does NOT have a license and that she didn’t NEED one to just hire people she knows who do granite. Now she has THIS posted as a NEW business!!! Neither of them really works; they scam people out of their money!

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