Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon Posting on Craigslist for Granite Services

Janice Aragon (otherwise known as Janice Garcia or Janice Ruiz) and her sidekick Manny Aragon apparently can’t afford a website, so they are now advertising granite, marble, and quartz services on Albuquerque Craigslist. This ad was posted in early July 2017, so they are still sleazing around someplace:


Janice is using the same phone numbers she has used for years to screw people over, including 505-306-7659 and 505-589-9500 (the last number is her Affordable Plan It Granite name that she is now using.) We do know that Janice and her ex-husband Will Garcia are still working together, and their business practices are as shady as ever. Janice’s Craigslist ad shows stock photos taken from the Internet:

     and her ad-writing skills haven’t improved:

    Her ex-husband Will’s website appears to be down right now, so maybe he and Janice’s crappy reputations are catching up to them.

     Keep running, Will and Janice, and we’ll keep on following you. Why? That’s right: because you both suck.

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