The Owners

The owners of this sad excuse of a business are:

  • William G. Garcia: This is the primary owner of the business, and the primary liar. William’s hobbies include lying to his customers (his favorite lie is telling customers that ABQ Granite and More has an A rating with the BBB, when in fact they aren’t BBB accredited, and have an “F” rating), promising a job will be done by a certain time and then delaying over and over again, never delivering the finished product, and ignoring phone calls from angry customers (he likes to claim that the customer’s phone wasn’t working.)
William Garcia

Bozo the Clown


  • Janice Garcia (aka Janice Ruiz or Janice Aragon): Janice is listed as co-owner of this company, and is the wife of Will Garcia. Her hobbies include defending her husband’s crappy business practices, and also claiming that ABQ Granite & More is Better Business Bureau accredited:


Janice Garcia, Co-Owner of ABQ Granite & More

Janice Garcia, Co-Owner of ABQ Granite & More


Janice’s email address is, and here is a link to Janice Garcia’s LinkedIn page with a screenshot:

Janice Garcia LinkedIn