Will Garcia (Loser) Resurfaces on Wyoming!

Will Garcia Resurfaces

Will Garcia Resurfaces

Well, it appears that Will Garcia and Janice Garcia/Janice Ruiz/Janice Aragon have resurfaced to plague Albuquerque yet again. We had hoped that these bottom-feeders were out of business for good, but two days ago we received a comment from somebody telling us that they had seen an “ABQ Granite and More” building on Wyoming.

We checked it out, and sure enough, Slick Willy is back. Here is his new website and contact information:

ABQ Granite & More

333 Wyoming Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

Phone: (505) 234-6361

Cellphone: (505) 712-2532

Website: www.abqgranitecompany.com

Email: garwill70@gmail.com

Also, here are a couple of pictures of Will’s new building from Google Maps (click on each picture for larger images):

ABQ Granite & More New Building                        ABQ Granite and More New Location

Will and Janice, let all of us here at ABQ Granite & More Sucks congratulate you: we didn’t think it was possible for you to find a place even crappier than your previous address on Juan Tabo, but you managed! We would also like to compliment you on your new website…it’s classy, understated, and has that “We don’t care about outward appearances” quality that buyers of expensive granite appreciate.

We couldn’t help but notice that Will Garcia’s new website doesn’t say anything about his contractor license number…possibly because he doesn’t have one? It also doesn’t say anything about being BBB Accredited…that, undoubtedly, is due to ABQ Granite and More having an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We’ll keep you all posted on any news we can find on the new location and Will or Janice’s activities. And, since it’s been awhile since we’ve had to say it, here it is: ABQ Granite & More Sucks.

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  1. They have NOW moved to a Copper st location. Janice’s cell number is: 306 – 7659. I have left 2 other replies now. Don’t have the exact address sorry. She had us make out our $1500.00 check to her personally , not to a business name which she said was because she does not own a business. LOL Boy do we feel stupid. : – (

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