Will Garcia and Wife Janice Garcia Change Websites Again

Will Garcia Bad Granite Contractor

     In their latest attempt to continue screwing people over with crappy granite countertop installations, Will Garcia and Janice Garcia have changed their website and phone number yet again (this makes the third time this year.) An email from one of their latest victims, however, revealed their latest tricks. Their new website and phone number are:

Website: http://abqmarblegranite.com/

Phone number: (505) 207-0194

Email: garwill70@gmail.com

Will and Janice, you can keep trying to fool us and your customers, but your efforts are as bad as your customer service and granite work. Just give it up, admit you suck, and get a real job.

Have a Merry Christmas, and as always, ABQGranite and More Sucks.

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  1. Will messed up my countertops twice, and I had to have them fixed by another contractor. Will and his group are the worst.

    Diana Sena

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