Will Garcia’s New Website, www.abqmarblegranite.com, Sucks

     We just got an email last night from Lucy M. in Corrales saying that Will Garcia recently called her and tried selling her his crappy services (apparently Lucy had posted an ad on Albuquerque Craigslist looking for granite installers for her kitchen countertops.) He gave her the same routine he’s been using for years (he said his company is A+ certified with the Better Business Bureau, which is a lie, and that he has many satisfied customers, which is also a lie) and told her he had just re-designed his website. He was calling from his (505) 207-0194 phone number, and after talking to him for a few minutes Lucy said she would talk to her husband and call Will back.

Lucy got online to see what she could find out about ol’ Willie, and she found our site (thanks!) Needless to say, after reading this website she has decided to stay far away from Will Garcia, his accomplice Janice Garcia, and their seemingly never-ending supply of BS.

We hadn’t paid attention to Will’s website since he set it up about 6 months ago, so we took another look to see if he had made any changes. Here’s a screenshot from his site:

Will Garcia's ABQ Granite and More Sucks

No changes…it still looks and sounds like his website was written by monkeys. An example:

“So if you need a countertop installed, or want to make that dream project of your a reality, then call today and meet with one of our granite countertops installer to talk about your project, wants, needs, and we can build a plan custom set for you.”

You seem to have a couple of misplaced “s” ‘s n there, Willie. While we are glad you want to build a “plan custom set” for us, whatever that is, we are going to pass, thanks.

Instead of the load of crap you currently have on there, we think you should mention the tears, anger, and frustration of your previous customers on the website…that would be more accurate. You could also mention all the people you’ve taken deposits from and never done any actual work, then refused to return their money. Now THAT would be a website that REALLY shows “who you are and what you believe.”

Get to work, Will and Janice. You both still suck and always will, but if you work really hard on your website maybe you can con a few more people into giving you their hard earned money and support your sad, parasitic lifestyles for just a little while longer.

Have a nice day, Will and Janice, and go to Hell.

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